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    A Twitter account to be curated every week by people from different walks of life living in Turkey. It helps share information about anything and everything but somehow related to Turkey. It is, to get the best result from the project, in English.


    Considering the era of mass communication and increasing globalization, a country depends largely on how it is perceived abroad. Stereotypical thoughts are common, misconceptions are an every-day routine. Regarding the need to give a better perspective to people abroad @curatingturkey has been created so as to show which stereotypes are factual and which are nothing but urban legends. This way, we'll spread the word about beautiful Turkey with it's pros and cons.


    Güney Köse, the creator of @curatingturkey, got greatly inspired by the amazing @sweden project. It was inevitable, then, to start it in Turkey, which he thinks is a country of curiosity, enigma and surprises. So, a different person living in Turkey will take over the account every week to show you different aspects of it. Unlike @sweden, @curatingturkey will allow people living in Turkey but with a different nationality to be in charge of the account.


    Turkey! Turkey! Anywhere in Turkey!


    Now! Now! Right now on Twitter!


    Through nominating or personally applying, the curator of next week is chosen. Anyone could be elected as the next curator of the account as long as she/he meets a few requirements. Apply here! Basically, she/he will post things which will be seen on @curatingturkey timeline.

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  • Is she or he an active Twitter user? (At least how many tweets would she/he send a day if the account was handed in to her/him?)
  • What are her/his biggest interests and passions?
  • What is her/his occupation?
  • Why would someone outside of Turkey be interested in her or him specifically as a curator?
  • What’s her/his current name on Twitter?
  • What’s your full name, email address and phone number?


  • Are you an active Twitter user? (At least how many tweets would you send a day if the account was handed in to you?)
  • What are your biggest interests and passions?
  • What is your occupation?
  • Why would someone outside of Turkey be interested in you specifically as a curator?
  • What is your current name on Twitter?
  • What's your full name, email address and phone number?


  • The idea behind & @curatingturkey was first brought up by the @Sweden project, so all credits of originality go to them. & @curatingturkey are, however, created by an individual and not linked with any kind of government or NGO; nationally or internationally.
  • The tweets of each curator are views of their own. The creator of & @curatingturkey Twitter account is NOT responsible for the content of the tweets and website or any consequential or related actions by people. The creator of & @curatingturkey does not intend to apply censorship by moderating or removing tweets. If inappropriate content has been placed, the curator in charge that week is completely responsible and is to be addressed directly. has no information about the curators in charge, other than their name, email address, phone number and Twitter account. The Twitter account of the curator in charge will be published. The names and email addresses will NOT be provided to third parties in any case imaginable.
  • The creator of & @curatingturkey holds the right to apply changes to tweets and thus the content of the website without disclosing their reasons.
  • When using this website or reading tweets from the @curatingturkey account you automatically agree to all above.
Background photo credit: Ali Ertürk